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Monday of Holy Week

John 12:1-11

Monday of Holy Week is introduced with this account that is only in the Fourth Gospel, about an anointing of the feet of Jesus by Mary, the sister of Martha and of Lazarus, whom Jesus, according to John 11:1-44, had resurrected from the dead. The account makes a major contribution to the plot of the Fourth Gospel, with Jesus speaking in support of what Mary was doing and in opposition to Judas Iscariot, who was complaining about the pouring of the expensive perfume on the feet of Jesus when the perfume could have been sold and the proceeds given to the poor. The statement of the Johannine Jesus that “you are always going to have poor people with you whom you can help, but you are not always going to have me” presents the greatest challenge for us even today. It raises fundamental questions about how the financial resources of a congregation should be allocated.

Hebrews 9:11-15

The writer of the Epistle to the Hebrews presents Jesus in a way that is very different from the ways in which Jesus is depicted elsewhere in our New Testament documents. Within each of the Four Gospels Jesus is opposed by the priests who manage the Temple under contracts purchased from the Romans; he is certainly not presented as the honored priest entering into the Holiest Place in the Temple to offer his own blood to God. This very different way in which Jesus was portrayed by the writer of this document was a major reason that the Epistle to the Hebrews was one of the last documents to be accepted into the New Testament canon.

Isaiah 42:1-9

By using this “Servant of the Lord” text, as it is designated by Christians, on the Monday of Holy Week, we are identifying the Servant of the Isaiah traditions with Jesus as we as Christians perceive him. That identification, of course, does not give ownership of the Servant concept to us as Christians. The Servant of the Lord still primarily belongs to the Jews, not to us as Christians. The statements in this text about God putting the Spirit of God upon the Servant in order that the Servant may establish justice on the earth in a sense unites Christians with Jews, since, when we are at our best, we as Christians, together with Jews, long for justice and work together to “repair” the world and to be righteous and just in all that we and Jews do.

Psalm 36:5-11

Here also, when we as Christians use this psalm, or any of the psalms, or any portion of the Older Testament for that matter, ideally we use these materials together with Jews, as devotional guides along with Jews, even during our so-called Holy Week. Although our experiences and our understandings of the intended meanings of the texts in the Older Testament are different from those of Jews, we must remember that these were Israelite and Jewish documents before we began to use them and that they remain basically Jewish documents today.

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    Chris Keating
    Mary Austin
    The Garments of Righteousness / As the Clock Strikes Midnight
    Isaiah 62:10--62:3; Ecclesiastes 3:1-13

    The Garments of Righteousness
    It’s the Sunday after Christmas, and many will be sporting their new Christmas duds.
         Those new sweaters were gifts from the heart, perhaps not unlike the new garments of salvation Isaiah describes in 61:10--62:3. Sackcloth and ashes are replaced with the clothing of gladness. God’s gift of salvation has appeared, and the old garments are no longer sufficient.
         What you wear matters, as noted in Australia last week. The deadly siege in a Sydney café prompted worries about possible backlash against Muslims who wear religious garb. In response, the “I’ll ride with you” campaign emerged. It’s another reminder that God is doing a new thing.
    As the Clock Strikes Midnight
    Certain things are always true in American life. 
         We love baseball, apple pie, and Mom. We play “The Star-Spangled Banner” before sporting events. We may not understand our neighbor, and we’re moved by the plight of a stranger. We hate Cuba. 
         Now, in the fullness of time, the last one is changing. As the old year closes and a new year begins, a new relationship with Cuba is also beginning. ...more
    Light in the Land of Shadows
    On a trip to Munich, Germany, Samuel Miller had a chance to watch Karl Vallentin, the last of the great "metaphysical clowns." As the curtain lifted, the stage was completely dark except for one small circle of light in the middle. Vallentin appeared in his magnificent clown costume and began to intently look all around the circle of light. A policeman appeared on the scene and inquired if he had lost something. The clown replied, "Yes, the key to my house." The policeman joined him in the search for a long time and finally asked, "Are you sure you lost it here?" The clown answered, "No, I lost it over there," and pointed to a dark corner of the stage. "Why, then," asked the exasperated policeman, "are you looking here?" To which the clown shrugged his shoulders, "Because there is no light over there!" ...more
    Ron Love
    The Light of Life
    The sun adds about 12 trillion watt-hours of solar energy per square mile to the earth each year. This is a significant amount of energy to come from the light of the sun, but it pales when compared to the light that comes from the Son, the Son of God. Jesus is the light of the world that shines forth in the darkness of our lives. It is a darkness of despair that comes in many forms which are familiar to all of us. These include such things as illness, emotional problems, estrangement from our children, marital troubles, stress at our place of employment, an income that is not sufficient and the ensuing anxiety, and concern for our elderly parents. When we make a list such as this we too often focus on the personal problems that confront us. But if we are students of the newspaper and watchers of the evening news we do feel some anxiety and stress regarding the problems of our own community and the larger world community in which we dwell. Terrorism and the Ebola virus capture the world news, but in our small corner of the world we have concerns about education, crime, and even traffic safety....more
    C. David McKirachan
    Fear Not
    Luke 2:1-14

    Whenever I hear the words of the King James translation of this passage, chills go up my back.   The season trembles around me.  ‘And it came to pass in those days a decree went out from Caesar Augustus that all the world should be taxed.’  It’s a switch that initiates all the pageantry and wonder speaking from places of shadowed mystery.  It whispers of beings beyond our understanding, presenting themselves to teenaged girls and blue collar workers.  Poetic words that open an epic made of anything but heroes....more
    Janice Scott
    Encounters with Jesus
    In 2000, I visited the Holy Land. It was a memorable visit, despite the fact that every holy site in the entire country was so packed with pilgrims that it was almost impossible to proceed, and ragged traders selling cheap pilgrimage mementoes were on every street corner. Nonetheless I was so moved by the experience of the Holy Land that I decided to lead a pilgrimage from our churches here in South Norfolk in 2001....more
    Cynthia Cowen
    An Angel of Christmas
    The Point: God sent a messenger (an angel) to announce to the world some very good news: His love has come to us.

    The Lesson: Welcome boys and girls. This is such an exciting time of the year, and I appreciate you coming up and sharing it with me. Christmas is a special time to be together....more

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Mark Ellingsen is professor at the Interdenominational Theological Center in Atlanta, Georgia
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